Kevin Braheny Fortune is a space music pioneer, composer, healer, and Tantra teacher with eclectic musical interests: ambient, electronic, space music, space jazz, and soundtracks. He is also a gifted healer, teacher, and guide in the realms of Tantra, sacred sexuality, and the intuitive arts.

Welcome to my website. Some of you know me as Kevin Braheny and some of you know me as Kevin Fortune. (Read Why The Name Change? for more on that story.) I’ve blended on this one site my two great passions: Music, and Tantra and Healing. Both are, to me, about the upliftment of the Human Spirit and ultimately, Soul Healing.

To listen to some of Kevin’s music go to:

Kevin’s MySpace Page

Kevin’s MySpace Fan Page


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Latest News


Channeled Chakra Balancing CD
released in Japan!

The Japanese title is:
Meditation CD Book of Manifestation of Happiness

Last winter I initiated a project based on a concept from Hidden Messages in Water. (More info in MUSIC WRITINGS - Music as an Energetic Experience) It had such an impact…Read more

Channeled Meditation Music

I have been doing individual musical channelings for people in Japan and the US. Read more

Lullaby for the Hearts of Space

is being restored and will be re-released.
Read more


Tantra and Healing

Kevin is doing private sessions in the Berkeley, Ca area on Fridays. Other days are available for phone and in-person sessions. Kevin also works in the Grass Valley Area. Sessions












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